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March Springtime


A rock school film. Work on Reported Speech

A real example

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

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Trailer in English

  • 02:19:26 Is my age beginning to bother you? Is that what you're telling me?
  • 02:19:30 You can't raise both of us.
  • 02:19:40 It was your first birthday.
  • 02:19:43 We had a party for you. The house was filled with children.
  • 02:19:48 -How are you? -Hey, man.


3rd Conditional Practice

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6 scenes

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First Scene subtitled

Benjamin Button Quotes

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Activities: Second conditional


JUAN: I think colours don't influence on you. It makes no sense  your mood changes whatever colour you see anywhere.🐲

IVÁN: Why the pineapple sugus is blue?👷

DANI: I think that it depends on the color, the person is different. For example, blue or green inspire chill out and safety.🎧

SALVA: I think using some light colours can make you feel happy and relaxed, some colours like white and light blue. This colours also can also  be perfect to paint your bedroom.♌.

SANDRA: I think the perfect colour for a bedroom in white because you can decorate with furniture in other color. It gives brightness!🐤

LUCÍA:  I really like light colours because they make me feel relaxed. For example I¨m going to paint my bedroom and I think I´m going to choose light green because it makes me feel happy!💗💗

Unsusual British Festivals:

North of Scotland : the Burning of the Clavie
Shetland Islands: Up Helly Aa
 North of England. On Shrove Tuesday in February:  Pancake Day
Cheese rolling
Onion-eating contest, also in Gloucestershire . In Gloucestershire
World Championship Snail Racing :  Norfolk
Egremont Crab Fair in Cumbria: in the north of England.
Burning the Clocks Festival: Brighton

An opinion essay: writing

A for and against essay: writing

How can we reduce energy consumption?



Alternative energy .

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Passive voice with this segment:

Passive voice with efflecturer.blogspot